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TUFF TIE single-use cuffs are a new and unique product, specifically designed for restraining arrested individuals.

Other products on the market are zip ties. Made for another purpose.

TUFF TIE was made for one purpose only: restrain persons.

At this point, I would like to show you some of the differences between TUFF TIE and conventional zip ties.


TUFF TIES are 40% stronger than zip ties. Zip ties stretch and can break at 300 lbs load. TUFF TIES have proven to resist 600 lbs and higher loads.

Life time:

TUFF TIES have an unlimited life time.

Zip ties can become brittle after less than 1 year.

Weather conditions:

TUFF TIES work in all weather conditions. They do not warp during heat and remain flexible even during the coldest temperatures.

Metal detectors:

The TUFF TIE patented safety lock is made of an unbreakable polycarbonate-mix and is no problem when passing metal detectors.

Risk of injury:

The so-called zip ties can, under exceptional circumstances, result in severe injuries due to the hard plastic.

TUFF-TIES are made of nylon which avoids injuries of the arrested individuals.

  • Loop eyelet per handcuff side 17 cm, per ankle cuff side 30 cm.
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