FMA RIS rail panels XTM type (ATACS FG)

Artikelnummer: TB-505 / G-FMA-09-003923
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  • Made of: ABS
  • Quantity: 8 Pieces
  • Color: ATACS FG
  • Manufacturer: FMA

Made of plastic type panels XTM. A combination of the two halves of the Panel gives you full cover with a length of 40 mm. Mounted in series on the RIS rail serve as shield against possible damage to the Rails, as well as protect the hand gunner before touching the sharp edges of the Rails. In addition, the use of halves of different colors allows you to create a model of kamufluj¹cego acting on a broken color schema replica weapons or optical. The set contains 8 pieces of half-panels in one color, which allows for the submission of four panels.


Team Dutchstockhouse

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