Titan Power Li-on HPA V2 - 350mAh 7.4v JST (HPA)

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Titan Power Li-on HPA V2 - 350mAh 7.4v  JST

Under Discharge, Over Charge, and Short Protection
Titan Power HPA batteries are protected from active-drawing HPA systems such as Polarstar and Wolverine, and will never allow itself to die like lipos, charge too much, or short circuit. During extensive testing over the past year, we improved our protective PCB to work even better with a large variety of chargers. Version 2 is born!

Voltage: 7.4v
Capacity: 350mAh
Connector: JST
Style: HPA
SKU: 1067

Size: 14.4mm (0.56in) thick, 56mm (2.2in) long

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