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Information about Tippmann Outer Barrel & Orga Inner Barrel for Tippmann M4 Airsoft Gun

Are you looking to change the length of your barrel on your Tippmann M4 Airsoft Gun? Tippmann offers a full line up of outer barrels for you to choose from. The outer barrel is cosmetic and mounts directly to your upper receiver.  The standard length included with the Tippmann Airsoft M4 is 14.3 inches.  Tippmann offers 3 Tippmann Outer Barreladditional lengths for you to build the rifle length you desire.  These outer barrels are designed to house an airsoft AEG inner barrel - you'll need to install one of these to realize the range and accuracy benefits.  

Available Lenghts:

  • 10.3 Inches = CQB
    Pick the 10.3 inch barrel if you're goal is to build a maneuverable close quarters rifle.
  • 14.3 inches = STANDARD Tippmann Airsoft M4
  • 16.0 Inches  = MRA (More Range & Accuracy)
    Use the 16 inch barrel if you are looking for a rifle with a little more range and accuracy than stock, while still keeping the ability to maneuver in tighter spaces.
  • 20.0 Inches = XRA & SNIPER & DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)
    If you are going for eXtreme Range and Accuracy, use the 20 inch barrel for outdoor play. (A designated marksman rifle (DMR) fills the gap between a regular base replica and a sniper.)

Orga (wide bore) Inner Barrel Compatibility

  • 10.3 InchOrga Inner Barrel
    Orga Magnus 6.23mm Wide Bore Barrel (AEG) 260mm Inner Barrel
  • 14.3 inches
    Orga Magnus 6.23mm Wide Bore Barrel (AEG) 363mm Inner Barrel
  • 16.0 Inch
    Orga Magnus 6.23mm Wide Bore Barrel (AEG) 400mm Inner Barrel
  • 20.0 Inch
    Orga Magnus 6.23mm Wide Bore Barrel (AEG) 500mm Inner Barrel

The idea behind a wide bore barrel is to make the inner diameter of the barrel much wider than the projectile fired. What this does is it creates a cushion of air pressure to surround the projectile so that it minimizes contact with the inner walls; in theory this actually minimize the musket effect where the BB will bounce around prior to exiting the muzzle.

With proper tuning, a wide bore barrel can in theory improve accuracy and shot consistency due to the air cushion around the BB. Due to the nature of a wide bore barrel, power upgrades are recommended from the drop in velocity caused by the forming of the air cushion.

# Wide Bore of Magnus
The ORGA Magnus WideBore barrel increases accuracy and trajectory by reducing barrel friction and inner barrel bouncing. The width of the barrel ensures that hop-up spin is constant and consistent when it exits the barrel. This allows for precise, long range shooting, with 55-65 meter accuracy at under 1J.


  • Durable brass construction
  • Improved hopup window to allow for a more stable "hop"
  • Precision machined, finely polished bore and crown for excellent consistency
  • Reduces friction and contact between the BB and barrel
  • Improved accuracy and consistency
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