Cylinder/ HEAD/ SET

N-B Cylinder: Nickel plated standard size cylinder.
Teflon Cylinder: Has a smoother inside and is best for high speed.
Bore Up Cylinder: Has a larger cavity, which produces more air. Should be used with a M140 spring or higher.

NOTE: The description might not relate only to the particular item, but that of the general case

Cylinder Hole Location vs Barrel Length
All posted Cylinder Lengths vs Barrel Lengths are Manufacturers recomendations. These lengths are designed as a guideline only. Changes in cylinder type or Barrel may result in loss or gain of fps and or increase or decrease in rate of fire.

List of what ranges of barrel lengths which cylinder types are recommended for:

  • Cylinder Type 1-2   Barrel: 110-170 mm Length  Type 1-2: Contain ports halfway down the cylinder

  • Cylinder Type 3-4   Barrel: 270-430 mm Length  Type 3-4: Contain ports 3/4 of the way down the cylinder, measured from the front (or cylinder head end) of the cylinder

  • Cylinder Type 4-5   Barrel: 364-460 mm Length  Type 4-5: Contain ports 4/5 of the way down the cylinder, measured from the front (or cylinder head end) of the cylinder

  • Cylinder Type 0   Barrel: 450-580 mm Length  Type 0:  Do not contain any ports (holes in the cylinder)

  • Bore-up kits: Contain completely new parts (cylinder, cylinder head, piston head, air nozzle) which have been designed to allow for a larger volume of air to be stored and pushed down the barrel. These kits are intended for use with very long barrels generally exceeding 600mm.

NOTE: It's a common misconception that simply installing things like bore-up kits and Type 0 cylinders in your gun will allow you to crank a higher FPS out of your average AEG.

NOTE: You want to get your volumes of your cylinder and barrel to match up as closely as possible. Having less volume in your cylinder than in your barrel will create FPS problems because the BB will begin to slow down before it even makes it out of the barrel. While a little more volume in your cylinder than in the barrel will not hurt anything, a general rule is it not have more than twice the volume of your cylinder as is in the barrel. This can cause problems due to turbulent air flow following the BB out of the barrel.

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