ANSMANN 16340 - RCR123A LI-ION 850MAH - 1 pcs (Rechargeable)

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ANSMANN 16340 - RCR123A LI-ION 850MAH (Rechargeable)

The Ansmann 16340 - RCR123A Li-Ion 850mAh is a rechargeable CR123A battery.
This rechargeable battery can replace non-rechargeable CR123A batteries.
The battery is also known as RCR123A, RCR123, 16340 and CR123A rechargeable.

  • High quality Ansmann Li-Ion battery 16340 with PCB
  • Ideal for use in modern devices such as LED flashlights, headlights, e-cigarettes, laser pointers, etc.
  • Integrated protection circuit against overload, short circuit and deep discharge
  • Maximum long charge current: 1, 7 A
  • Very low self-discharge and high energy efficiency
  • Very good price/performance ratio
  • With its high capacity of 850mAh, it is perfect for use in high power devices
  • In addition, this battery can be used in a wide temperature range from -20°C to +60°C

Perfectly protected with a safety circuit:
The integrated safety board protects the cells against overload, short circuit and deep discharge, so the rechargeable battery is protected against misuse, which guarantees a longer life.

Versatile applications:
Ansmann's high-quality lithium-ion battery is ideal for use in modern devices such as security cameras, LED flashlights, lamps, laser pointers and toys. Very suitable for Arlo cameras, among other things.

Due to the integrated safety sign, the battery is longer in size than the unprotected 16340 Li-Ion batteries. It is about 3-4mm longer.

For this rechargeable battery we recommend using a battery charger that is suitable for Li-Ion batteries.

  • Length:           34,8mm
  • Diameter:        16,6mm
  • Capacity:         850 mAh
  • System:             Li-Ion
  • Voltage:             3,6V
  • Rechargeable:  Yes
  • Brand:            ANSMANN
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