Polarstar Kythera™ SA Nozzles Info

Kythera™ SA Nozzles

For cylinder conversion systems we assign numbers to the nozzles instead of using the rifle model. This is because the nozzle length can vary between the same gun model when made by different manufacturers. This can be from the manufacturer designing the rifle differently, or from the thickness of the gearbox shell affecting how far from the hop-up chamber the cylinder sits. Therefore one nozzle length may work in different rifle models but not necessarily work in the same model from a different manufacture. For example, a standard MP5 could require any of 4 different nozzle lengths depending on the manufacturer.

For this reason we produce numerous different nozzle lengths to provide compatibility for a wide range of replicas. Below we are listing the make and model of the replicas which the nozzle length is most commonly used with but it may be compatible with more models. For a list of replicas which we have measured and calculated the compatible nozzle length, please visit our Help Center.

Once you determine what number nozzle your replica requires, that number is universal across all engines* that use the numbered nozzle system. So, if you determine your replica takes a #11 JACK nozzle, then it will also take a #11 Kythera or F2 nozzle if you ever put a different system into it. 

*NOTE: The Kythera models which are made for a specific replica (e.g. A&K/JG SR-25) with a non-standard length cylinder will use a specific nozzle with a "K" prefix. Since they use a non-standard cylinder, the universal nozzle numbing system cannot be used for these models. However, the design and profile of the "K" nozzles are the same as the standard numbered nozzles and are cross compatible between standard and non-standard cylinders.

Additionally, all nozzles are marked with their number with the exception of the #1 nozzle. These are produced in far greater quantities than all of the other nozzles so they are left unmarked to reduce production time.

Polarstar Kythera™ SA Nozzles Info 
NumMost Commonly Used WithTip
1 (Unmarked)TM M4/M16, TM MP5 A/SD, ICS MP5 A/SD, G&G KAC SR-25E20.841
4G&G GR-251.466
5ICS SIG 550/551/5520.979
6KA FAL, TM MP5K, A&K M2400.910
7PTS Masada, CA SCAR-L1.150
8VFC SCAR-H1.523
9E&L AK, S&T TAVOR0.892
12LCT AK-47/74/M0.851
13A&K MASADA/ACR, CYMA SR-25 (V2.5 Kythera SA)1.362
14KA CZ 805 BREN1.405
15JG G361.070
17CA AUG1.020
21Elite Force/CYMA MP5K, CA SA580.938
K1A&K/JG SR-25 (V2.5 Kythera SA) 1.314


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