Polarstar F2™ Offset Nozzles Info

F2™ Offset Nozzles Info

As of July of 2016 we starting to assign numbers to our nozzles instead of using the rifle model. This is because the nozzle length can vary between the same gun model when made by different manufacturers. This can be from the manufacturer designing the rifle differently, or from the thickness of the gearbox shell affecting how far from the hop-up chamber the cylinder sits. Therefore one nozzle length may work in different rifle models but not necessarily work in the same model from a different manufacture.

We are using the make and model of the rifle which the nozzle length originated from in the nozzle description but this does not mean it is the only rifle it is compatible with.

NumMost Commonly Used WithTip 
0-1M14, G&G0.9510000407
0-5M14, CYMA0.86910000408
0-6SVD, CYMA0.60110000409
0-8SVD, REAL SWORD0.64810000410
0-10SVD, A&K0.75910000411
0-12M14, TM0.80510000412
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