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  • WARQ Transport bag
    WARQ Transport bag

    Rigid, lightweight and convenient, the foam shell allows you to protect your helmet from scratches, falls and blows during transportation. This bag has a central handle and an adjustable strap.

    € 49,90

    WARQ VISOR LENS (3 COLORS)In order to adapt you to season change and brightness, you have the possibility to change the protection screen of the helmet by yourself. This bifocal thermal screen guarantees zero fog and provides a…

  • WARQ Headset
    WARQ Headset

    Compatible with your usual PTT connector, the WARQ headset mounts on or right inside the helmet. It was designed to not push against the ear, enabling you to stay focus on your environment whilst speaking with your team. Comfort…

    € 53,90
  • WARQ Full face Helmet  CLEAR Lens (4 COLORS)
    WARQ Full face Helmet CLEAR Lens (4 COLORS)

    The protective helmet WARQ guarantees a total absence of fog, it also offers maximum comfort and a wide field of vision. The ballistic and mechanical resistance of the helmet meets the European standard EN166A. It allows complete…

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